Tire mold cleaning and maintenance

Tire mold cleaning is a concern for all manufacturers and retreaders. The goal is ultimately to avoid tire mold fouling, a series of chemical reactions of sulfur and zinc oxide occurring under heat and pressure. Following are a few reasons why tire molds should be kept free of fouling and rubber leftovers:

  • Proper finishing of the tire bead surface so that it seals on the wheel;
  • clear, crisp, and legible D.O.T. alpha-numeric characters, as required by law;
  • crisp and precise brand logo and lettering, which are customers’ focus area for initial perception of a tire quality;
  • mold vents and micro valves clear of rubber extrusions and “whiskers”;
  • surfaces between mold sections free of residue build-up: no flash in the middle of tread patterns;
  • segmented mold sections mating together even under extreme press squeeze;
  • reduced mechanical loads on fasteners attaching the segments and sidewall rings to the press;
  • no tire surface irregularities due to each one and all of these imperfections during the curing operation.


For more information on tire mold cleaning and maintenance, visit our technical website www.tiremoldcleaning.com.

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