Dry ice blasters and accessories for manual tire mold cleaning

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive manual tire mold cleaning method that helps extend the lifespan of tire molds.

We offer a complete range of manual dry ice blasters, both mono and dual hose. Our units use standard 3mm diameter dry ice pellets and an internal crusher for the cleaning of complex patterns such as found on winter tires.

The Ultra-sonic nozzles are custom engineered to blast away rubber residues from all tire mold models.

Lightweight and compact, all our manual blasters are handy and easy to carry around.

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  • Dry ice pelletizers (micro pellets);
  • Dry ice pallets storage boxes;
  • Ultrasonic dry ice blasting nozzles (custom design and development);
  • Standard dry ice blasting nozzles (bi-tube);
  • Dry ice hoses;
  • All spare parts for dry ice blasting.

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